Colour For Cambodia - School Colour Fun Run


Colour for Cambodia will now take place during school time on Friday afternoon, 1.30pm on 21 September. We tried our best to find the best solution for the postponement, and we understand that this new time and date might be inconvenient for you as it is during the week, but we still wanted to hold the event to help our Year 12s and their Cambodia mission trip. We have also discounted the price to $10 so if you still wish to participate, you are more than welcome to. The Primary Campus students have been raising money through sponsorship to be part of the event. If you have previously registered and the new date does not suit, we are more than happy to refund you in full, or if you have previously booked, we can refund you the balance of the discounted price.


Thank you for your understanding with this. Unfortunately we can’t help when AusGrid plans their power works and we have to abide by the process.


Thanks for your support and for supporting our Year 12 Cambodia mission trip.


Children Permission Form


It is our responsibility to seek permission for your child to participate in the School Colour Fun Run. All measures have been taken to ensure that this event is safe for all students. If you feel that this event may not be something that is suitable to your student and wish for them to not participate, please download this PDF form at the link below, complete the details and return it to the Primary Office. If you are unsure of anything please feel free to contact the Avondale Marketing Office.




About Restore One

Restore One has its major project in Cambodia. This is a village project where restoration of the village happens through housing, clean water, micro-businesses and an agriculture project. The biggest part though is education from preschool to Year 10. The hope this year, with the help of Avondale School, is to begin offering Year 11, a first for this village. We know that with education there is choices and freedom. For more information, visit


Here is a highlight reel of last year’s event!


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