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Avondale School has partnered with Apple to offer special product pricing for parents, students and members of our school community. This special pricing is available for purchases made at Apple Stores or through our school's customised online store which you can access at the link provided on this page. This custom built page offers all the same great features of the regular Apple Online Store, including free delivery. If you are purchasing in-store just let the Specialist know our school's name. For more information about Apple's Education initiatives check out the following links:


Designed for Your Student


For more than 40 years, Apple has been committed to creating the best tools for learning. Every detail — from the hardware and operating system to a suite of built-in apps that come standard on every device — is engineered from the inside out to be incredibly powerful, yet intuitively simple to use by every type of learner. Learn more about Apple products in education:


Personalised Learning


Apple technology gives teachers the freedom to create customised learning plans that work best for each student’s unique learning style. See how real teachers are transforming their classrooms:


Apple Family Funded Program


Creative Engagement


Apple devices aren’t substitutes for traditional learning materials. They’re tools that push what’s possible in the classroom, creating interactive experiences that inspire students to explore topics in new ways. Learn more about all that the Apple ecosystem has to offer: education/ipad/apps-books-and-more


Apple Family Funded Program


Secure for Students


Parents and students make the best decisions about learning tools when they understand the products and services they’re using and how their information is handled. That’s why privacy has never been more important. Apple builds safeguards into their devices and designs innovative ways to protect personal information. Learn more about Apple’s approach to privacy: privacy/approach-to-privacy


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