Our Pre-school Curriculum

Belonging, Being, Becoming

What do those words mean to you?
At the Avondale Early Learning Centre these 3 words form the foundation of our programs as we seek to implement the Australian National Early Years Learning Framework and encourage our little learners:

Belonging . . .

to develop ownership, citizenship, interdependence, shared experiences and respect.
Avondale School Preschool Students

Being . . .

to be themselves, celebrate individuality, create, experiment.

Avondale School Preschool Student

Becoming . . .

to build identity, confidence, independence and growth.

Avondale School Preschool Students building blocks

  • Our play based learning approach encourages your child’s curiosity, creativity and exploration. It provides stimulus for new experiences and challenges, new interactions and the opportunity to develop new skills and abilities.

    Through play your child

    • Develops a strong sense of identity and wellbeing
    • Becomes a confident and involved learner
    • Becomes an effective communicator
    • Connects with and contributes to their learning environment
    • Makes social connnections and develops relationships
    • Develops the foundational skills that will support their learning throughout their school life
    • Our play curriculum creates the environment and opportunity for different forms of play, including spontaneous, guided and educator directed. Learning experiences are planned to provide a balance between different types of play and staff take a key role in engaging and extending thinking and learning through different types of play.

  • Every day at the Avondale Early Learning Centre your child will enjoy a wide variety of activities within a flexible daily routine. They will:

    • Enjoy time both indoors and outdoors in our extensive playgrounds
    • Learn through both quiet and active play
    • Becomes an effective communicator
    • Learn through individual, small group and large group experiences
    • Develop social skills - making respectful connections with others, Emotional skills - such as self-regulated confidence, Cognitive skills - such as literacy, numeracy and problem solving, Physical skills - small and large motor, Creativity and independence.
    • Have opportunity to make choices and take on new challenges
    • Enjoy both planned and unplanned experiences and interactions
    • Develops the foundational skills that will support their learning throughout their school life
  • Our School Readiness Program is designed to enrich your child’s learning and ensure they are well equipped to handle the challenges of life as they move to Kindergarten.

    School readiness learning incorporates additional activities into the program, including sports, language experiences, music and movement activities.