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10 February 2017


Resilience is a big talking point in education and in parenting. Psychologists recognise that in our high-risk world, parents work hard to protect their children, but are inadvertently raising a generation of ‘cotton-wool kids’. The result appears to be children and adolescents who are anxious and emotionally fragile.


Resilience is the ability to face challenges, setbacks and disappointments and move forward positively. It literally means having the capability to bounce back from trauma and adversity with a sense of optimism, seeing these things as momentary events.


While recognising that all people are individuals and will respond to di erent strategies, there are many things that parents and teachers can do to help build resilience in our children:


1. All children need to develop a strong and enduring relationship with at least one adult. They need to feel unconditional love and acceptance. 2. Fun family bonding that creates a sense of belonging builds resilience. 3. Children need opportunities to make age-appropriate decisions and then live with the consequences of those decisions. 4. Children need adults to help them discover and appreciate their 5. Volunteering and service activities develop perspective and a sense of importance. 6. Help your child di erentiate between things they can’t change so need to accept, and things they can change. 7. Don’t eliminate all risks. Encourage children to assess risks and make wise choices. 8. Encourage mistakes. Failures and mistakes need to be framed as part of the journey to excellence. 9. Help your child to de-catastrophise. When their language indicates that a problem is the end of the world, help them to develop perspective. 10. Model resilience. Talk to your child about how you handle challenges and disappointments.


Student wellbeing is one of Avondale School’s strategic areas of focus for 2017. During the year we will share with you the strategies and programs that we will be implementing to support student wellbeing. We want our children to be the con dent and courageous people that God created them to be. ‘For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.’ 2 Timothy 1:7


Deb Coopter

Head of Primary

Avondale School



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