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Training Our Students

17 February 2017


In recent conversations in our sta meeting times, 3. there has been great discussion about the kind of students we visualise at the end of their Avondale School educational journey. Typically, consensus suggested a desire for respectful adults, individuals responsible for their own learning, students who 4. have achieved their personal best throughout their schooling, and maturing adolescents who have developed a sense of good values and morals.


So how do we all help our students/your children grow in these traits? The Department of Education and Training suggests these 5 things:


1. Have hopes, dreams and ambitions for each child • Believe in your child’s potential and abilities and be sure to tell them! • Let them know you have high aspirations for them.


2. Foster an enjoyment of learning • A shared positive attitude to learning increases the likelihood of completing Year 12. • Help your child plan, set goals and follow through when they start something.


3. Share moments of the day • Encourage their interests, discuss current a airs and connect about TV shows, movies and books. • Engage in a ‘highlight’ reel of the day or week.


4. Read together • Reading aloud as an adult and/or allowing your child to read aloud to you helps them do better at school.


Over the next few days she was able to see him come back to see God as a God of love, and made his peace with God. He died only a few weeks later, but content in God.


5. Be involved together • Research suggest when schools, families and community groups work together and support learning, children do better and develop positive attitudes to learning.


What a great set of ideas to work on together to bring the best out in our students! REFERENCE


Mr Benton Craig

Head of Secondary

Avondale School



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