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10 March 2017


How is your quality of life? Quality of life is the standard of health and happiness experienced by an individual or group. It observes life satisfaction, including everything from physical health, family, education, employment, wealth, religious beliefs, finance and the environment. According to a Numbeo study in 2017, Australia is in 9th place on the world scale, well behind Austria, Germany and Denmark who take out the rst three places. How can you improve your quality of life? One of the main areas to work on is your health and wellbeing. Physical health is something we all want but it is often an area that is neglected as we get older due to a variety of reasons.


I came across a powerful story about the infuence that just one person can have over time. I think sometimes we forget how important each person is, and can get caught up in the ‘numbers and beat the next person’ game. This story is a reminder of how important just one person can be.


Students at Avondale School participate in up to 150 minutes of planned Sport and PE lessons each week. During these lessons students are developing their physical skills to improve their ability to perform in both individual and team sports. Research shows that students who spend 150 minutes of planned Sport and PE a week will achieve higher academic grades, higher levels of tness and have a higher self-esteem than those who don’t.


At Avondale School, students are encouraged to set goals at the beginning of the year and then set out a series of steps to follow that will lead them to achieve those goals. It is great to see students achieve their goals throughout the year and, without realising it, they are learning valuable life-long lessons. There was once a Year 6 boy who wrote down his short and long term goals. His only short term goal was to compete at the State Swimming Championships in 1975 in Sydney, which he did, competing in several events.


His long term goals were to swim at the Olympics and become a lawyer. He would keep his written goals beside his bed and read them every day, along with doing the necessary training and study. He completed Year 12 at Avondale School and went on to study law at Newcastle University. He kept up his swimming training and quali ed for the Olympics with his home country of Samoa. Raea now practises law in Morisset and competes in triathlons. Have you set goals for this year? Has your child/children set any goals this year? Many life-long lessons can be learnt through participating in sport. Some of these lessons are in the areas of sportsmanship, con dence, rules, self- discipline, con ict management, concentration, teamwork, perseverance, health, respect, time management, leadership and sacrifce.


Parents should not rely on the school alone to improve the quality of life for their child/children nor to make them t and healthy. Some parents in this modern technological, dual income, fast pace world, have less time to be involved with their child/children in outdoor activities. Parents who spend quality time outdoors with their child/children kicking a ball, jogging, riding a bike, bush walking or going to the beach are teaching their kids positive life-long lessons. I encourage all families to become more active and improve not only the quality of life but the quality of family life.


A favourite motivational quote: ‘If you believe you can’t, you won’t but if you believe you can, you will.”


What goals and steps will you take to improve your quality of life today?


Mr Graham Head

Primary Sports Coordinator

Avondale School



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