Nothing Can Separate us from God's Love

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Nothing Can Separate us from God's Love

26 May 2017


This is not the editorial that I had written last week for this week’s Newsletter, but given the circumstances that our school family is facing with the tragic death of Kalani Hardy-Hawken, it seemed appropriate to change what I had initially written.


As I have chatted to Kalani’s family and teachers there is a picture of a pre-kindy girl who was others-focused. A girl who enjoyed being with people. A girl who insisted that everyone in the room share in the food that she was enjoying. A person who delighted in playing with everyone at the park and making them her friend within five minutes.


When it was time to leave the park Kalani wanted her Dad to acknowledge everyone else there as well before they could leave. Perennially happy. A girl who died just three days short of her fifth birthday.


Sadly, we have been reminded of the fragility of life. We have no guarantees of the next day. People’s emotions can vary considerably as they respond to grief in different ways. Yet for each person, their way of processing grief is valid and important.


Words are not adequate in this situation. Realistically there are no answers to the big questions that events like this prompt. We will have no answers this side of heaven.


We do know that God has guaranteed that nothing can separate us from His love. Neither life nor death (Romans 8:38). We also know that He has suffered more than we do even now, and that His presence is always with us, even to the end of the world (Matt 28:20).


There are almost five years’ worth of memories for Kalani’s family. All we can do is cherish the memories and live for the hope of the soon coming resurrection at the Second Coming.


I look forward to the resurrection morning when Jesus returns - to see Kalani back in Kyrstle and Darren’s arms again, smiling at Maddie as the sisters reunite.


The challenge for us is to reflect on the legacy that we are making right now. What would people say about us? Do we cherish the memories and value our children right now? Do we make the most of the opportunities to connect with our loved ones? Do we envelop our children with our unconditional love so that they know absolutely that we love them as parents? Build those memories with your children. Cherish the memories and live for the hope of Jesus’ soon return. Even so, come Lord Jesus.


Dr David McClintock

Avondale School Principal


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