Positive, Physical Challenges

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Positive, Physical Challenges

9 March 2018


Last week I had the privilege of being one of the 19 support team who went on the Ride4Rescue Charity Ride. This ride took the 36 riders from the steps of Parliament House to the summit of Mount Kosciuszko. They rode over 400km of mountainous dirt trails in some of the most amazing pristine high country of NSW. There were 21 adults, male and female, 14 Secondary students and 1 Primary student.


Why would someone want to ride for 5 days over tough, dusty, terrain in the remote mountains of south NSW? These were some of the comments of riders: “This ride has made me a more confident person. I feel that I can achieve much more having done this ride.” “It has pushed my body to its limit and made me a stronger person.” “I just love mountain biking in nature.” “I love the challenges of the whole ride.” “I thoroughly enjoyed it last year.” “I know that my willpower and resilience has increased.” “It is making me stronger for when I meet other challenges in life.” “I am the youngest rider (11 years old) and I am so excited about completing this ride.” What are some of the challenges you had to face head on the ride? “Exhaustion, heat, thirst, cramps, pain, remoteness, falling off, mechanical failure, punctures, long ascents, steep descents, no internet, no phone service.”


I witnessed a small community of people who worked together when times were tough. There was blood, sweat and tears on many occasions but there was always someone helping, caring, supporting and encouraging throughout the whole ride. All the support crew had specific roles to play and they collectively helped everyone have a successful, memorable growth experience.


I spoke to some of the 14 Secondary students who each felt that they had become mentally and physically stronger as a result of this ride. All the adults met the challenges of the ride and are now better equipped to meet the challenges of life. I know that each of these riders will draw on this experience for strength and endurance for many years to come .


The one Primary student made this comment, “This event has challenged me physically and mentally, and has made me a stronger person. As an 11 year old, I would recommend this activity to all other fit primary school students.”


Not only has each rider changed because they completed the ride, but through their individual fundraising efforts the lives of other young girls and women will also be changed forever.


As a parent I believe we should give our children positive, physical challenges that will develop their resilience, endurance, determination, teamwork and character.


Graham Head

Primary Sport Coordinator


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