A Little Bit of Spare Time

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A Little Bit of Spare Time

18 May 2018


Hi, my name is Georgina O’Reilly, but some of you know me as George. I was raised in Devonport, Tasmania, but have lived in NSW for the last 18 years.


On a visit to this beautiful region with my then future husband, I knew that this was where I wanted to settle down and raise my family. The fact that it’s not too cold, and that travel to anywhere in Australia is possible without getting on a boat or plane, was quite appealing. Even being able to catch a train was an exciting prospect, as Tasmania does not offer this public transport option.


Now that I’m raising my family here, my life has become very busy. For most of us juggling work and family commitments certainly takes its toll. So finding some extra time to volunteer for the school or in the community seems impossible.


However, volunteers in our community are essential! A lot of the programs and events that we as families have come to enjoy and love are not possible without parents and community members volunteering to help. The additional benefit of being a volunteer is that it sets a great example for our children, the next generation, who will also need volunteers in their community when they have families of their own.


Unfortunately, the reality is there are only a small number of people volunteering and if this continues there will certainly be programs and events that will be compromised. I don’t want to see that happen, as I am sure you as parents don’t either.


The misconception about volunteering is that a massive amount of personal time is required, which is not the case. It could be something as simple as picking up some supplies on your way home from work, packing lolly bags in front of the TV, helping out at our Community Christmas Carols or standing at a slushy stall for one or two hours. Honestly, every little bit helps!


I am so pleased to inform you all that in the last three events, Primary Cross Country, HRIS Cross Country and the Mother’s Day Stall, we raised close to $5,300. This money will go towards purchasing much needed items for our School.


My message is simple ... if you have even a little bit of spare time, we would really appreciate your help and support. All for the good of the community, our children and this wonderful place we live in. Please get in touch with me and I will be happy to work with you in tailoring a volunteer plan that fits your personal situation. I look forward to hearing from you.


Georgina O’Reilly

Parents & Friends Events Coordinator


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