Throwing Stones

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Throwing Stones

01 June 2018


When our Avondale teachers consider the attributes we want to develop in our students, leadership is right up there. We aspire to grow courageous, ethical, bold young people who choose to be leaders in their sphere of influence rather than accepting the status quo.


Leadership is not dependent on a title or a position, it’s the ability to influence others. While some children seem to be born leaders, possessing a strong skill set, all children have the capacity to become leaders.


Here are some things that we can all do to support the growth of leadership capacity:


• Celebrate failure. Failure is the result of taking risks. We learn, grow and become stronger from failure. All the leaders we admire have fantastic stories of failure on the path to leading others. Good leaders are humble and teachable. • Demand responsibility. All children need to learn to stand on their own two feet. When we bail them out or make excuses, we are telling them we don’t trust them to manage their own lives. We need to allow children to solve their own problems, meet their responsibilities and deal with the consequences of their actions. • Encourage communication. Communication and collaboration are considered some of the most important skills for our children as they move into an unknown future. We need to model and encourage communication skills in a range of situations to help our students develop emotional intelligence. • Find passion. All of us have an inner passion. Something we care deeply about and find value in. Encouraging and supporting children to pursue their interests allows them to develop passion, creativity and a love for learning. Passion for a cause ignites the inner leader. • Lead kindly. We often mistake bossiness for leadership. Let’s teach our children that good leaders are creative, compassionate and lead through example. Some of our world’s greatest leaders have humbly served others.


One of the things I love most about being a teacher is knowing that my sphere of influence (my students) will go on to have their own spheres of influence and so begins a ripple. My actions and my words have a wide reach! Mother Theresa said, “I alone cannot change the world but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”


Let’s work together to throw stones.


Deb Cooper

Head of Primary


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