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21 September 2018


The roses in our school garden are about to bloom. The bushes are bursting with green growth and new buds. This is not an accident. Our grounds-men, along with some volunteers, are behind the amazing blooms. They have worked hard over several months to prune, weed, fertilise, water and mulch. The investment is about to become evident.


When we think about generosity, we often go straight to the giving of goods or money, but generosity includes so much more. What might generosity look like?


Generous with time. We can all find some extra time to give to someone else. It might be time to listen, support, help, serve or volunteer. Perhaps you could write an encouraging or thankful email. Perhaps you could do a task for someone else. The giving of time has a powerful impact, helping people to feel connected.


Generous with skills. Each of us has a unique skill set that we have built up over time. You can be generous with your skills by mentoring, teaching and building the capacity of those around you. Teaching and coaching others creates an amazing legacy.


Be generous with your attention. In the midst of our fast-paced way of life, we often multi-task to survive. This may result in our families, friends and colleagues not receiving our undivided attention. Being in the moment and truly present for others is an act of generosity. Put down you phone and give people your full attention.


As I enjoy the beauty of the roses, I am challenged to look for ways to contribute generously to my family, school and community. How could I use my time, skills and attention to nurture and grow others in order for them to flourish and bloom?


Luke 6:38 “Give away your life; you’ll find life given back, but not merely given back - given back with bonus and blessing.”


Deb Cooper

Head of Primary


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