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Deep Learning

08 March 2019


I love learning, helping others learn and learning in a deep way. We know that education needs to be engaging and interesting for students. We want to help them create knowledge and develop skills using real life situations and problems so they can all flourish. We are currently partnering with the Association of Independent Schools NSW and working alongside other educators to build knowledge and practices that develop deep learning for all students to become lifelong learners.


The Deep Learning Competencies are the capabilities we are seeking to develop in our learners as evidence of what we call Deep Learning. These capabilities are drawn from global research over the last 20 years and are the capabilities that academics, the world of work, curriculum authorities and children acknowledge as the most important in enabling them to flourish and succeed in today’s global and connected world. The Deep Learning Competencies are known as the 6 C’s and include Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, Character, Citizenship and Collaboration.


Our Year 3 and 6 teams are developing exciting units of work for Term 2 where they’re deliberately embedding the competency of character in their units, focusing on grit, tenacity, perseverance and resilience. The aim is to provide students with opportunities to develop grit, tenacity, perseverance and resilience to allow them to work through challenges, experiences and setbacks effectively. As learners they will understand the importance of these character qualities as essential for creating meaningful change in life, school and the world. We have amazing teachers throughout the school, doing an amazing job in their classrooms.


The Secondary School is buzzing with new initiatives in learning as well: FAB LAB – Every Thursday lunchtime students will have the opportunity to create and tinker with large and small scale projects. They will get to work with professionals in the STEM field through the “CSIRO STEM Professionals in Schools” program. One area of interest for some students is coding. This will be a time and place where they can explore block coding and coding in Python. It is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) initiative that engages students who are interested in these areas. The main aim is for students to HAVE FUN with STEM! Their first project is to build and launch their own hot air balloon!


The new direction with Project Based Learning is very evident in the English Department. In next week’s Newsletter you will see the amazing unit where Year 8 students are writing and illustrating a book of their own! Each cohort will be doing a PBL unit this year: Y7 - ‘Telling stories’ (giving voices to unsung heroes in our community), Y9 - Romeo and Juliet drama performance, and Y10 - gender stereotypes in advertising. Also save the date - August 15! There is a huge Medieval Day planned where Year 7s and 8s will be part of another PBL Cross-Curricular Project.


Nathan Hill & Julie Carter

Leading Learning Team


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