Preparing our students for the future

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Preparing our students for the future

24 May 2019


“Preparing our students for the future”, is a phrase commonly used in educational documentation, however, what does it really mean? How do we prepare students for the future in such a rapidly changing environment? Some studies suggest the average employee will change their career five to seven times during their employment. So, how do we prepare students for this? Can we prepare them for this?


Students have the opportunity at school to gain the necessary skills required for the 21st century. This is achieved in their learning environments, such as PDHPE and Vocational Education and Training (VET).


These subjects are preparing students for the everchanging workforce due to their practical nature and undertaking work experience programs, work placement programs and industry visits. These practical engagements allow students to see the workforce first hand and in areas of interest to them. Providing students with ‘real life’ learning situations and projects assists them to develop the necessary skills required to succeed.


The vocational education students have been busy servicing customers’ vehicles, serving customers’ food and beverages through catering opportunities and making carpentry resources for learning environments. Each of these experiences prepare students with the skills to perform tasks and develop specific job-related skills.


The practical nature of PDHPE is also important as it allows students to develop a balanced healthy lifestyle through nutrition and physical activity. Engaging in physical activities as a student, and throughout their employment, allows them to make better decisions.


These important factors assist our students to adapt and to evolve with the ever-changing future ahead. Skills and abilities to adapt to any situation are essential for all students looking towards future employment. Reading a recent employment article, employers expressed the need for workers who stay current, consistently improving skills and developing new skills. This means we need to prepare our students for the ever changing and evolving workplace, ensuring they have the skills to cope and adapt within these work spaces.


Donna Nevell

Secondary VET / PDHPE Hub Leader


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