Our Loved Year 12 Students

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Our Loved Year 12 Students

25 October 2019


Last Thursday, 41 of the most persistent, diligent, intelligent, awesome Year 12 students began their HSC Examination journey here at Avondale School. Their nerves were on edge as they bravely entered the examination room ready to give their all to their first HSC English Examination.


The first HSC began in 1967 with around 18,000 students compared to this year where over 75,000 students are sitting for at least one HSC Examination and around 68,000 students are on track to complete their HSC. Being a mathematician, the statistics interest me! There are 123 written exams totalling around 350 hours, 96 exam committees and every exam is reviewed at least 6 times before more than 700,000 exam papers are printed. There are 750 exam centres and 5,500 exam markers.


The time, effort and money that is poured into this exercise is phenomenal!


HOWEVER - I’d like to offer some advice to those sitting their HSC now, those that will sit it in the near future and for parents who go on the journey with them: The HSC may get you an ATAR. This is purely a ticket into a university. There are SO many other ways to get to where you want to be. Sometimes the ‘scenic’ route is much more fun and varied! Your self-worth is NOT determined by your mark! You are an amazing, talented unique, special individual no matter what your HSC or ATAR! It’s not about the mark – it’s about the journey. The journey teaches how to deal with stress, how to pick yourself back up after a bad result, how to help and encourage others and how to think, collaborate and prioritize! These are the important lessons to learn.


We feel so privileged, humbled and blessed to have been allowed the opportunity to partnership with you and your family through this school season.


We are SO proud of our students and wish them all the best as they finish their school journey and start the journey of the rest of their life!


Julie Carter

Secondary Director of Learning


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