1. How old does my child have to be to join an Early Years class?

Early Years classes are for 2 – 5 year olds.

2. My child is not quite 2 years old, can I still do Early Years?

We recommend that you wait until your child does turn 2 before you join Early Years. That way you can be sure that your little one reaps the most benefit from your experience with us.

3. Can I sign up for Early Years on a casual class basis?

When you sign up for Early Years you must book in for a full 6-week block of classes at $50. There are no casual attendances.

4. What if I want to register and the Term classes have already started?

You are still welcome to join Early Years even if the classes have already started, but you must register for the full number of remaining weeks of that class. Class costs will be $10 per class. Contact Early Years directly to register.

5. What if one of my scheduled days falls on a public holiday?

We do not run Early Years classes on public holidays, as our whole school campus is closed at that time. But don’t worry you will not miss a class, as there will be an extra week added for your missed class.

6. Do I have to send my child to Avondale School if I sign up for Early Years?

No, not at all. The development of every child is important to us. Everyone is welcome at Early Years, regardless of whether or not you are a member of our whole school family.

7. What if my schedule suddenly changes and I need to cancel my enrolment?

We understand that circumstances can arise that mean changes to your planned schedule. As long as your class has not yet started we are happy to defer your enrolment to another class or term that may suit your new schedule better, or offer you a refund (less a $10 administration fee). Unfortunately, if your class has already started we are unable to give you a refund.

8. Can I bring younger siblings to Early Years classes?

Yes, many of our families do bring their younger siblings to classes. While your littler ones are not yet old enough to join in the fun of Early Years on their own they are welcome to “help” their older siblings.

9. I want to do a cooking class, but my child has food allergies. Can I still do the class?

While we do not cater specifically to allergy sufferers, we are happy to work with you to ensure your child does get to enjoy the full Early Years experience. We can supply you with the list of planned recipes in advance so that you may supply the necessary alternative ingredients. Early Years cannot guarantee that your child will not be exposed to allergy items during the class.

10. What if my child is sick and I have to miss a class. Can I do a make-up class?

Unfortunately if your child is sick we do not offer any make-up classes. All Early Years classes are catered in advance to the number registered for that class.

11. I have not yet done an Early Years class. Can I still join your special event days?

Yes, even if you have not yet enjoyed any of our Early Years classes you are still welcome at any of our special event days. Alphabet Adventure Day, Mad Scientist Day and the annual Christmas Party are open to all. We encourage you to join us!

12. Do I need to bring anything with me to Early Years?

If doing an outside activity please remember to bring a hat and slip, slop, slap before you arrive. Otherwise you only need to bring your smiles, energy and enthusiasm to the class. All necessary items are provided for you.