Payment Options

Avondale School fee discount

  • Bpay
  • Direct debit
  • Online
  • Deduction from wages
  • In person

Enrolment Bond

Avondale School fee discount

  • First child $350, second child $200, third child $150
  • Fourth Child is free
  • Maximim $700 per family
  • Bond is returned on deregistration of your last child
  • $100 non-refundable if enrolment offer not accepted


Fee Discounts Options

Avondale School fee discount

  • Only pay for three children in your family
  • Family discounts apply for child two and three
  • Pay all fees up front and receive a 5% discount
  • Pay term fees up front and receive a 2.5% discount
  • Employment discounts may apply

*Fee Discounts are applicable for the year 2020 and are subject to change.


What is included in your fees?


K - 23 - 45 - 67 - 89 - 1011 - 12
Laptop & Educational Software      
Elective Subject Choices        
Outdoor Education Camps    
Horizon Magazine
24 hour Accident Insurance
Student Diary      
Learn to Swim Program      
NAPLAN & ICAS Test Fees  
Peer Support Program      
Leadership Program (Yr 6)          
Majority HRIS Fees  

slate vew fee schedule


Student choice option charges may include:

Band & Choir Tour
TAFE or external course fees (if selected by senior students)
Selected competitions by individual students
Yr 11 Geography Field Trip (Whitsundays)
Yr 12 Major Design & Technology project

Get Active after school programs
Duke of Edinburgh Award program
Off campus Secondary School sport options
Yr 12 Schoolies
Stormco - Wee-Waa & Cobar