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As a teacher, I love watching students as their thirst for learning is awakened and they realize the doors that have opened in their world. It is an awesome privilege to be a teacher and have the opportunity to make such a deep imprint on their impressionable lives.


At Avondale School, we take that privilege seriously. We have the responsibility of providing stability and security in a world that seems to be focused on change and chaos. Our students look to their teachers as a guide and beacon as they traverse the challenges of growing up.


Academically we provide excellent outcomes and great results from both our NAPLAN tests and our Year 12 results. Avondale School is known in the community as a school which provides the best achievement scores possible for your child. Avondale School operates a 1:1 computer program and utilizes an E-Learning Director to ensure that technology is used as effectively as possible to enhance our students’ learning.


We have a strong music program with a band and choir that has travelled both interstate and internationally. The on-going tradition of sport involvement has seen some significant high achievers in this area. The Arts are emphasized and their portfolios are very representative. We are proud of our well-rounded, balanced students.


Service is a key component of our school focus. Numerous opportunities are provided with our specific Service options as well as the regular STORMCO trips (annual trips to local towns in the Western part of NSW that provide much needed childrens and community interaction for the week). The annual overseas service trip for our Year 12 students during the traditional Schoolies week is a very healthy alternative to what could otherwise be an anxious week for parents.

A key focus at Avondale School is the well-being of our students. We have several full-time chaplains and the equivalent of a full-time counselor with both a male and female counselor available. We want our students to be healthy, resilient, community focused and well balanced individuals when they leave our campus. While we are a good sized school community, it is important that we take the time to treat each student as an individual and respect their needs.


Avondale School has the significant advantage of being able to take your child into our well run and highly respected Early Learning Centre at three, and have them graduate at the end of Year 12 as a well prepared individual ready to contribute to society. Avondale School is committed to its strong Christian ethos. We value diversity and respect people’s opinions. We would love to see your child actively engage in a relationship with God. While academics are strong, and social development is important, our over-arching philosophy is to nurture and support each person’s relationship with Jesus Christ.


If you would like to visit the campus and have a tour to find out how we could enable your child to achieve their best, then please contact the school. We can arrange for a personal tour, connect you to coming Open Days, or respond to any queries you may have.


The thirteen years your child spends in school are the most significant investment that you will make for their future. I would encourage you to consider Avondale School as you make your choice as a family.


Dr David McClintock




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