Our Principal - Mrs Deb Cooper


It is with real enthusiasm we officially announce that the role of Principal for Avondale School is Mrs Deb Cooper. Mrs Cooper has been ‘Acting Principal' since Dr David McClintock took up his current role in June at the South-Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Following a lengthy advertising and interview process, Mrs Cooper emerged as a strong candidate and was notified Thursday afternoon of her success. It was so encouraging to hear the sincere appreciation but also enthusiasm in her voice. She clearly knows the magnitude of the role before her but approaches this new season with professional passion and a sincere desire to see this school 'be all it can be' for Him. Mrs Cooper has previously worked in the Secondary Campus teaching Maths and has recently been Head of Primary Campus, plus she is also a former student! Her belief in the school, its community, its students and staff was so evident during the interview, but was further reinforced in how she approached her 'acting role'. The evidence is clear. Dean Bennetts CEO (NNSW Schools Corporate Office)

Dean Bennetts CEO (NNSW Schools Corporate Office)