Our History

Avondale School was founded in April 1897 on the grounds of Avondale College.  Under the guidance of Mrs Lacey fifteen students attended the original school, with some arriving by rowboat along Dora Creek. Modern means of transport now deliver over 1000 students to Avondale School daily.

During the 1970’s growth of Avondale College made it necessary for Avondale School to relocate.  In 1980 we moved to our present location at the end of Avondale Road.

Reflecting the demand for quality education Avondale School expanded in the 1980’s with the addition of a Secondary Library and Music Building. The first decade of the new millennium saw further significant change with the opening of the Avondale Early Learning Centre in 2003, the Kindy Centre in 2006, and the Multi-Purpose Centre in 2007 complete with basketball stadium, gymnasium, commercial kitchen and uniform shop.

Expansion has continued into the second decade with the addition of the Avondale School Toronto Campus in 2011, the state-of-the-art iCentre and Trade Training Centre in 2011 and Administration Building in 2012.

Projected ongoing growth ensures Avondale School will continue to see expansion across the campus as more specialist facilities, including a Collaborative Learning Centre, are added to motivate and inspire student learning.


Avondale School founded in April 1897

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