School Readiness Program

Our School Readiness Program is designed to enrich your child’s learning and ensure they are well equipped to handle the challenges of life as they move to Kindergarten.

School readiness learning incorporates additional activities into the program, including access to the vast resources of the wider Avondale School Campus.

Activities include:

Year 4 Buddies

Buddies attend the Centre on a weekly basis to share stories, join in play and “peer” teach your child, getting them used to being around older children and ensuring they already have a big friend in the primary school playground.


Children visit the Primary School music studio on a weekly basis to enjoy a 30 minute session with the specialist Primary School music teacher. Weekly visits ensure your child becomes familiar and comfortable with the Primary School campus.


Children visit the Avondale School iCentre on a weekly basis to borrow books with the class teacher. The books remain in the centre for the week.

Wider School Visits

Children have ample opportunity to integrate with the wider school campus on a regular basis. They enjoy visits from both primary and high school teachers sharing their knowledge and expertise in fun and creative ways, and also partake in excursions to the high school science labs.

Whole School Events

Our children regularly participate in whole school events, either as participants or as curious and eager spectators. Events include the athletics carnival, Fun Day, Open Day and Book Week. Through such visits your child learns new skills in a real school environment.

Visits from Avondale School Leaders

A representative from our whole school visits us on a regular basis, meeting with the children and staff. By the time your child enters Primary School they are already very familiar who they are.