Our Pre-school Philosophy



We believe that children are central in everything we do. By collaborating with children and families on their unique learning journey, we empower children to become successful leaders of the future and develop a love of learning.


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We believe that every child and family deserves the opportunity to know Jesus. We are reflecting God’s character when we respect, value and are inclusive of diversity, culture, race, religion, spirituality and ability.



We believe that children learn the art of self-regulation, for successful mental health and emotional well-being, in the early years of life. We believe it is our role to ensure children develop an understanding of the tools they need to manage their own well-being and show kindness to others to ensure a healthy, resilient life.


We believe that understanding who we are, underpins our ability to learn, grow and experience authentic relationships. With this ideology in mind, we intentionally engage with Aboriginal culture and the culture of ALL families. We understand the importance of recognising and valuing the identity of our nation’s First People and of all children and families in our care.




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We believe in the ideology reflected in the Early Years Learning Framework of Being, Belonging and Becoming and the importance of play based learning. That is, respecting children’s uniqueness, embracing diversity, empowering children’s self-identity and agency, recognising the value of their and their family’s collaboration into our program plans and structure.


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We recognise, value and are active in our role as advocates for children, families, the community, our team-mates, our nation’s First People and the Early Childhood industry.


We believe that as global citizens, we have a responsibility to mentor and teach children to respect, care for and appreciate the natural world. As a result, we strive to ensure sustainable practices are embedded in our centre operations and promoted in our educational program and practice. Real learning for real life.



We believe authentic, nurturing, respectful relationships are foundational and vital for ensuring a culture of safety, belonging and learning. Through embracing authentic partnerships with children and families, we can collaborate to ensure children reach their full potential.


We believe that our local, national and global community contribute to each child’s self-identity, connectedness and sense of belonging. We recognise the importance of our role as Educators in collaborating with our community towards our children’s life success.