Primary Co-Curricular

Band and Choir

With research indicating active musical involvement has a positive effect on young minds, music is an integral component of Avondale School. A range of creative musical experiences encourages every child to connect with music and find their own unique voice.

In addition to weekly lessons in a dedicated music space, students have further opportunity to perform by joining the Junior or Intermediate Band, the Junior or Intermediate String Ensemble, the Primary School Choir or the Bell Choir, with practice at times outside of the regular school curriculum. All groups afford students opportunity to extend musicianship in an ensemble environment.

Avondale Primary Performing Arts (APPA)

Avondale Primary Performing Arts (APPA) meets weekly after school to provide a forum for students to explore, express and communicate individuality. APPA is a thriving and exciting group where students get the chance to be the real stars, creating, exploring and performing in music, drama and movement. Students acquire skills in drama sports, production, and performance. APPA auditions are held at the beginning of each school year.

Avondale School choir and band

Avondale School performing arts students