Our Primary Curriculum

Avondale School provides students with a core of essential learning that promotes a depth of understanding across a variety of subjects with a solid foundation in English, Math and Science.

The approved and regulated curriculum is dynamic, well balanced and academically challenging with blocks of learning dedicated to the Key Learning Areas and specialised instruction in music, sport, library and computers.

Learning includes whole class, group and individual activities that focus on holistic understanding of ideas and concepts, not isolated facts and skills. Learning is focused on the total growth of the developing child, meeting intellectual, physical and emotional needs while educating both hearts and minds.


Avondale School understands the centrality of communication when it comes to being a successful individual. Being able to interact effectively, respond to situations and express thoughts coherently is an essential part of maturing. These English skills infiltrate all aspects of learning and development in school life and beyond.

An emphasis is placed on establishing a strong understanding of different texts, their structure, spelling and grammar. Regular reading programs, writing and speaking activities build student confidence, creativity and expression.

Avondale School primary curriculum students


An understanding of Mathematics is essential to everyday life. Our students are guided through regular problem solving, estimation and calculation skills to cement the key concepts and tools in their learning. Students are often taught in teams across grades with teachers employing fun and creative classes through the use of games, puzzles and interactive activities.

Avondale School primary curriculum mathematics

Human Society & Its Environment

HSIE is a fun area of learning with many practical projects and excursions that introduce students to a variety of content areas, including history, geography and citizenship. Class discussions, use of maps and tools and the study of historical developments and natural environments in Australia all contribute to providing students with an awareness of society and the physical environment.

Avondale School primary curriculum students

Science & Technology

Students utilise contemporary science resources to understand the foundations of scientific process. Through a range of hands-on experimental and practical applications they are encouraged to hypothesise, research and present their findings using logical processes.

We believe technology in the classroom inspires creativity and hands-on learning, encouraging students to be engaged and interacting in their own learning. Our students are given regular access to iPads and desktop computers, with carefully selected age appropriate and educational software.

Avondale School primary curriculum science and technology

Personal Development, Health & Physical Education

PDHPE is essential for the learning and growth of every child, promoting positive relationships and healthy choices.


At Avondale School we place strong emphasis on developing new skills, keeping active and having fun by just joining in. Through PDHPE students swim from the infant years, run cross country and athletics and enjoy a multitude of sports including basketball, soccer, netball, t-ball, cricket and chess that refine and develop both fine and gross motor skills.

Avondale School primary curriculum sports



Creative Arts

The Avondale School Primary Years are full of creative activities providing students opportunity to explore, express, communicate and make sense of the world around them. Students experiment with a variety of media and technologies in creating topical and expressive artworks related to themes of integrated units.

The Avondale Primary Performing Arts (APPA) is a club that meets weekly to provide a forum for students to explore, express and communicate individuality. Students acquire skills in drama sports, production and performance.

Avondale School primary curriculum creative arts


Students participate in weekly music classes and hands-on experiences that immerse them in creating and performing music. Students learn a variety of instruments including violin, ukulele, recorder and xylophone.

Avondale School primary curriculum music