Gifted and Talented

Avondale School aims to identify, develop and extend the abilities of gifted students. The Students with Outstanding Potential (SWOP) program works to maximise learning outcomes through targeted small group extension classes with specialist teachers in Math, and Science. Classroom teachers also provide enrichment for those who display high levels of ability, interest and motivation. Enrichment opportunities are also available in chess, music and the performing arts. Our gifted students also have the opportunity to participate in the ICAS competitions.

Avondale School Primary student playing violin

Avondale Primary students at their desks

Avondale School Dance student

Avondale School primary students cooking

Learning Support

Learning Support improves outcomes for students who require additional assistance.

With colourful learning spaces and a small group environment, Avondale School provides a range of learning and personal development strategies primarily focusing on literacy and numeracy, fine motor skills, phonics, receptive & expressive language development and social skills.

In a collaborative learning environment, five specialist Learning Support staff consult with families regarding best learning strategies and referrals to outside specialists.

primary learningsupport1

primary learningsupport2

primary learningsupport3

primary learningsupport4