Our Laptop Program

Information Technology is pervasive in everything we do. It only makes sense that this be paralleled in education, preparing our students to operate and excel in a highly digitalised future.

Avondale School recognises the benefits of a well deployed 1:1 Laptop Program, allowing students to explore and resolve the very same issues soon to be faced in the very real workforce – issues such as problem solving, communication and self-management as well as creative and critical thinking, writing, research, information organisation and presentations.


  •   When to use

    Computers are for use in learning related activities both at home and at school. On campus, computers may only be used while under direction from a teacher in a classroom, or for communication with a teacher via the Studywiz Learning Management System.

      Where to use

    Computers may only be used in classrooms, where directed to by a teacher, or in the iCentre. They may not be used anywhere else on campus, and may not be accessed during break times, with the exception of time in the iCentre.

      At home Rules

    Many class assignments and tasks do require students to use their computer at home. At home parental rules regarding computer usage must be observed by individual students.

      Printing at home and at school

      Update security patches as they become available

  • Helpdesk

    Before coming to help desk, try our problem solving areas under the "Problems" tab

    Hours: 8:00am to 4:00pm (including school holidays)
    Email: helpdesk@avondaleschool.nsw.edu.au
    Where: We are located on the bottom level of the iCentre.

  • Quick Fixes

    Experiencing general problems like freezes and slow performance?

    Shut down your computer then restart it

    Experiencing general problems with Apple Mail app?

    Quit and relaunch Apple Mail

    Having trouble web browsing?

    Try a different browser (e.g. try Chrome, Firefox or Safari)

  • Handbook


    Help Desk Form