The Student Assistance Education Fund (SAEF) was established to offer financial assistance to families in crisis or in need. When misfortune strikes, such as ill health, unemployment, death, marriage breakdown, the SAEF aims to keep students in the secure environment of the school. The requests seem to increase every year as more families struggle with some sort of adversity.


In the past, during a typical school year, Avondale School has tried to find funds to support:

- 3 families recovering from bereavement

- 6 families struggling with lost employment and

- 2 families of 5-8 children with marriage breakdowns and finance issues


For the school to be able to provide help for these families, we rely on the goodwill and generosity of our present and past school families, local businesses, and benevolent people.


To support this initiative, you can donate online below or click HERE to download a form. Your generosity will be rewarded with the tears and happy smiles of children given a helping hand. On behalf of Avondale School Friends Committee and the SAEF, we thank you for supporting our students.